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Kinnaur Beauty

District of Kinnaur is the Kinner desh of mythological fame. The region is full of folk tales, which are about gods and evil spirits. Even some of the very old songs narrate stories, like the one about the flying monk and the story about the Sapni Nagesu (it's said that the story is so sad that every time it's sung, the women cry).
A remarkable blend of Hinduism and buddhism has prospered in great harmony here. Due to its proxi
Linkmity with Tibet it has developed strong traditional ties and similarities to tibetans. The place, it is believed abode to gods, sages and Pandavas during their exile.

 Real Adventure With Roads

Kinnaur Beauty A beautiful place in the lap of The Himalaya .This borderland region with Tibet and Himachal Pradesh of India is a canvas of surrealistic magnificence of nature, chiselled out of green valleys and orchards, snow covered mountains, gushing streams... and strewn in between are picturesque habitats of the descendents of 'Kinners'. The striking spectacle is nothing less than the Garden of Eden.Kinner from which the region gets its name are the angel demi-gods of the Hindu pantheon.

Wood Temple Thanang  Nichar Road
It is said that it is created on a lake by th wife of lord maheshwra. Situated in nichar  and also said that Shivaling is present in this temple.Pretty intrestin story about this shivinga is that after long workship by Vanasur (king of shaunikpur now known as Sarahan) God Shiva presented  him The Shiv Linga with condition not to put down till he reach destination bt after reaching nichar he felt so tired that he put that Shivlinga on this holy place.
  The portals of Maheshwar temple of Sungra have superb wood panels on either side. deeply cut images of prominent Hindu deities are a treat for the art historian. On the eastern wall are panels depicting the Vishnu

Earlier  1950's  old image showing their duty for family.spinning  wool for worm cloths

  The People and  The Culture

The present day the Kinnauras do not constitute a homogenous group and display significant territorial and ethnic diversity. For a better understanding of ethnic and cultural distribution, the Kinnaur District may be classified into three territorial units.
Lower Kinnaur comprise area between Chora at the boundary of the Kinnaur District with Rampur Bushahr and Kalpa including Nichar and Sangla valleys.

Dress Food Habits and Lifestyle
-------------------------------------------------The people of district dress mostly woolen clothes. There clothing is well suited to the
climate and is artistic too in its own distinctive way(locally known as dodu),woolen shawl
for ladies and woolen coats for mens.
Another type of dress which the men wear is Chhuba. It is long woolen coat somewhat
resembling an Overcoat. A sleeveless woolen jacket worn outside the Chhuba.
The staple food is wheat, ogla, phafra and barley which are local produce. Besides these

kankani, cheena, maize, chollair and bathu are also taken.Generally, Kinner houses have
storerooms for keeping grain and dried fruits, and separate wooden grain-storage
structures, called kathar. Pokpa, a piece of sheepskin or yakskin, is often placed on the
khayarcha mat.

Most Beautiful Temple in Kinnaur (H.P)                                             
                                     Maheshawer Temple Thanang  (Sungra) Near Nichar Road 

Religion Monasticism Language
The people of lower Kinnaur are mostly Hindus, though some references of Buddhism is also evident. Their most important gods and goddess are Durga or Chandi, Bhairon, Usha or Ukha, Narayan, Vishnu, Badrinath and Bhimakali. The Chamang and Domang in addition have their favourite deities such as Nag Devta.
Kanet boys, who learn the Tibetan scriptures and are well versed in Buddhist doctrines, are called Lamas. Similarly the Kanet girls, who do not marry, but devote their time to the study of Tibetan scriptures are called Zomos or Jomos. They live in nunneries. The two principal nunneries are at Kanam and Sunnam and in these a great numbers of Zomos live. Besides this, almost every village had few Zomos. The Lamas live in the monasteries and are looked upon as very holy.
A number of dialects are spoken by the inhabitants of district Kinnaur which came under 'Kinnauri' or 'Kanauri'

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